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ソレイユあやめ、初シングル『Welcome to The Field』を発売!

2019年7月24日『Welcome to The Field』リリース


ソレイユあやめの初シングル『Welcome to The Field』リリース。




Welcome to The Field



新曲「Welcome to The Field」は、選手のみならず、日々夢にむかって前向きにがんばる全ての人への応援ソングとなっている。


SoleilAyame releases the first single “Welcome to The Field”.

SoleilAyame has a strong faith. It is that she wants to give much power over music and sport to athletes move on their dreams and goals. Music and sport are true worldwide!!

There is the place where you win by overcoming difficulties.

And, there are Athletes who are challenging at the place.

SoleilAyame sings the song to send hearty cheers to the

athletes who receive a lot of expectations and shine with sport there.

SoleilAyame used to be a softball player.

SoleilAyame said “The reason

why I make this song are that I want to support them through singing songs and express the athletes who have strong motivations to achieve their goals. “

The new single “Welcome To The Field” is the song makes energetic for not only the athletes, but also all people who challenge to achieve their dreams positively.


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