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March          11th 2013        Flower of big love!! At SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 

March          12th 2013        Flower of big love!! At SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 

May              20th 2013        Special FANTASIA Vol.5 at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 

September  30th 2013        Special FANTASIA Vol.6 at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 

October        17th 2013        Amfesta Vol.3 at Roppongi Brave Bar 

November    25th 2013        Special FANTASIA at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 

December    20th 2013        The Fantasy of Blessed Night at OSAKA RUIDO 


March        28th 2014       Special FANTASIA at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2

July            29th 2014       Starmine diva festival at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2

August        2nd 2014       Ocean house party event in Oiso beach 

August         9th 2014       PATIO Beer Garden Stage in Chiba

August       16th 2014       PATIO Beer Garden Final Stage in Chiba

August       27th 2014       The FANTASIA of End of Summer at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 

November 11th 2014       Amagi-Soshu Festival & Sylvan Music Concert in Tokyo 

November 25th 2014       Love the life you live at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 

December 24th 2014       Christmas eve fantasia at OSAKA RUIDO 


March        23rd 2015       DREAM FANTASIA Vol.1 at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2

July            28th 2015       Retro Town Mojiko Hotel Wedding in Fukuoka

August         3rd 2015       Exciting Night!! With SHIHO & MARINA at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2

August       14th 2015       Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks VS Saitama Seibu Lions (Japanese pro baseball team)  Official game・

                                            Singing the national anthem of Japan

December  21st 2015       2015 FINAL STAGE ~ Origin~ at SHIBUYA RUIDO K2 


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